This thread is to both acknowledge Arnie Lerma's great work as one of my two primary sources of info on the TRUE nature of Scientology and what the " tech " actually does !!!

AND to put together some of the MOST useful of his many , many informative posts on the subject in one place NOW so people can read them who have not OR read them as a source of additional info on most of what I write on and to even compare to Jon Atack's stuff at the Bunker and in his online articles too .

Not to brag BUT...between the three of us you can get in my opinion a lot of good info to chew on regarding what Scientology really is and does.

First an old thread here that has a very good description of hypnosis and it's relationship to Scientology.

Next a classic on confusion - I actually learned quite a bit from this thread - both HOW a method of covert hypnosis is used in Scientology in " study tech " and that Hubbard certainly ALWAYS knew this !

Next the absolutely brilliant book Rape of the Mind - this book FELT like my 25 years in Scientology and convinced me to learn much , much more on totalitarianism and cults and what thought reform and mind control are - as it proved to me I was heavily subjected to them .

Next a very short simple accurate description of how the seemingly innocent grade chart helps cause hypnosis !

Next one of my all time favorites and a source for many of my threads and I concur with the findings within - Jon Atack's never Believe a Hypnotist - a great collection of Hubbard quotes on hypnotism that reveal he knew he was hypnotizing people and frequently contradicted himself on this INTENTIONALLY as a method to induce CONFUSION !

Next is Arnie's steps out of Scientology - to be honest I am a little weak on step 3 but getting stronger and stronger on step 10 as I see more and more similarities between Scientology and Nazism than any other practice or belief system as I study both and cults more and more . ( I think I am solid on all the other points )

I am now going to include a quote from Lermanet of GREAT significance so PLEASE read it if you have not : it confirms many of my theories and dovetails with my own ideas on many areas - it is reportedly from Ken Rose the actual author of the Key to Life Course ON that very course !

Begin quote

About The Key To Life Course:
The Key To Life course is one that addresses grammar as well as spiritual aspects of communication. Scientologists believe it is important to improve one's ability to communicate., and that this one thing alone can improve the quality of life and a person's happiness (there is of course more things that can increase happiness and quality too).

This course breaks down the entire semantic and thought structure of an individual. In the processing part, in the beginning, they are made to do "clay demonstrations" which reduce them to a child-like state.

They then have to re-learn each and every small common word, after which, grammar is re-programmed into them, according to El Con's definitions. The course takes a very long time, and they use Method 9 to indoctrinate the pcs.

Method 9 entails reading each and every page aloud, and stopping each time the person stumbles, to look for and clear the misunderstood wood. The course is done with a "twin", or partner.

The person's entire thought process is taken away from them, and then re-built into what Hubbard thought it should be.

An exam is taken at the end of the grammar section. Anything less than 95% means that both twins have to go back and re-do the whole lot. Nothing other than total "duplication" is accepted.

Then, there is the last clay table auditing process, where a person has to do certain things until they have realized that they can "get" (receive) any concept. They can therefore "duplicate".

The fact that they are now wide open to suggestions, wide open to implanting, the fact that they have lost their *entire* original thought process, and all the semantic structures that are their OWN have been irretrievably removed, makes them candidates for accepting any piece of data that the "Church" feeds them.

The Key to Life course has taken hypnosis procedures to a new level of refinement unsurpassed by anything yet produced by El Con. This course, taken in full with the mandatory "Life Orientation" course, produces obedient and dedicated Scientologists who view the world and reality from a framework that is not their own. Probably why so few break away from Scientology, these days.

Very few people realize what is being done to them on these courses. VERY few. So, of course they will write wins. Something has irrevocably changed within them. They think it is good, it feels nice to have had something removed, which makes them very close to their fellow Scientologists.

The adrenaline rush of getting through something that takes that long, as well as the adulation and admiration of their fellow cultists, all goes to enhance this.

They just do not know what it is they have lost.

They have lost their OWN minds. In total. And it is interesting that the Key to Life and Life Orientation courses are now PRE-REQUISITES for admission to the OT Levels.

- Voice of the Silenced.

End quote


That quote is virtually priceless to me AND helps reveal the nature of ALL Scientology indoctrination and the intent behind KTL and LOC AND even the basics , the GAT I and II AND Superpower !

These and future programs are for ABSOLUTE mind control and unbreakable lifelong slave CONFUSION and RETENTION !

The quoted section is from Demons of Freedom and VERY worth reading to me :

Additionally from the excellent Anderson Report the chapter Scientology and Hypnosis :

Finally , for the die-hard ( I recommend it to all ) the hypnosis index itself with a lot of useful links and articles :

These links may be old but do not think they are irrelevant or outdated by any means - they are still the very best and most relevant in my mind .

I obviously used these and all Jon Atack's stuff to START and from these two geniuses have been referred to much more but often still come back and refine and expand my education - you can get the pure gold from these two and skip a lot of looking at the less than helpful material .

So , for anyone who wants to learn or confirm or understand the nature of the con - THIS is a great place to start or come home to .

PS please give Arnie positive feedback on what you get from this as it often is the only pay he will get - Smersh is STILL behind on those checks !