This post is to address a simple and powerful technique and philosophy I think anyone can benefit from .I realized in coming out of Scientology and seeing how completely wrong I had been despite tremendous certainty on literally thousands of things that I can hold incorrect ideas no matter HOW sure I think I am.

I decided to permanently incorporate as a precaution the idea that not only are others SOMETIMES mistaken , but I should always factor in that I am to some degree WRONG on at least some of my ideas and conclusions and ALWAYS and should not just be careful to get things right BUT to never forget I am never totally right in all my ideas and beliefs.This is not just the" there is more to learn idea " - it is the I am incorrect and question , DOUBT and to some degree play devil's advocate and try to see how I could be using logical fallacies or reaching wrong conclusions idea .

The total fanatical certainty in Scientology led me to a dead end , almost literally .I think I want to be a skeptic , but I am not sure . I have seen a pattern of falsification ( you know like in science ) enter my thinking - and not just on Scientology and scholarly matters . This can be applied to just about anything - WITHIN REASON AND BALANCE AND MODERATION .

I had a conversation with a never in where I told him I expect that I am always wrong about some things unknowingly and expect to always be this way based on the past .I asked what does that make me - he said " someone with half a brain ! " and it did not even cost a half million dollars , 25 years of my life or my sanity to get this lofty status !

I am so proud ! I hope that others can have similar gains !
Please share any similar revelations or stories here !