Allright , I was talking to a veteran ex and critic the other day and wrote that I was shocked no one has prior to now has analyzed Hubbard's doctrine and spotted the rhetorical techniques and then seen what they are there for then categorized them , made that a routine part of thought and remembering and reading them ( or just recalling a few hundred basic doctrine from memory ) then swept them away and seen what statements remain and by recalling them verbatim simply looked at and memorized a few hundred quotes from Marcus Aurelius , Lao Tzu , Confucius , Crowley and others to see what the enticing bait parts of the doctrine were and the other parts then zeroed in on the others and seen what they do and where they were stolen from as it really is all stolen and repackaged .

He said the figuring it out and then recognizing and sweeping it away part is the hard part . Many are still part Freezoner or indie for many decades and confused what worked and did not . Well I assumed many like me have within a couple months figured none of it worked in truth and all is a fraud - then learned through hundreds of hours what was hypnotism , how it worked and what was rhetoric as classic ethos , pathos , logos and sublime writing and unusual turns of phrases , contradictions , repetition and other basic techniques . and how the unconscious is manipulated and psychological defense mechanisms are manipulated to have them help the mind control . And cognitive dissonance and the fundamental attribution error etc. etc.

I was spoiled in having and Jon Atack having done decades of research to cut the con down to a far more manageable size for me to start at .So I will always have profound appreciation for that and knowing they have helped thousands more escape the con by their efforts . Not to mention the wonderful and lovable Tory Magoo with her great friendly heartwarming videos to help us all through a dark and horrifying time in coming out of the cult and the truly heroic Gerry Armstrong for all his efforts including revealing the affirmations which are key to my research and the Rosetta stone of Scientology and his deep exposure of the SP doctrine as repackaged Nazism . These heroes and others saved me decades of work and let my exit counseling move at light speed compared to many others .

I was lucky that my mentors introduced me to varying and compelling ideas on some points which required rehabilitating my own critical thinking to find answers and that led me to dive into logical fallacies and that is key to see how Hubbard implants them in his doctrine to control thought habitually covertly as conditioning for life .

I realized in talking online to hundreds of people I keep telling the same " the celebs are all attacking the attacker because of the ad hominem group of implants and the cult has to do this because of this embedded command and ... " and what I really need to do is show YOU guys what the tools to recognize and spot this stuff routinely and effortlessly are and let you look at them and see if they are correct and have all the right parts laid out or not .

Simple , right ?

Actually , with the right tools it is . Give me a chance and bear with me - I promise anything I give you will be shorter and more true than GAT I and II .

Okay first I want to refer to some very short videos for you to watch they have key ideas very simply explained . Do not just take any of this on faith and remember I do not endorse everything in these videos just use them to get basic concepts for comparison .

And I will be telling where Hubbard stole some ideas from as seeing how others used them gives clues what he intended too . You should at least read Basic Introduction to Hypnotic Induction before this starts :

But first a video for consideration :How To Use Embedded Commands by Dantalion Jones
and to compliment it NLP Embedded Commands and suggestions :

They explain in simple language that embedded commands are hidden covert statements in theory placed in the subconscious of the victim and they require a delivery mechanism - a speech or writing to be placed in and they are in need of repetition to establish a pattern in the victim's mind and they use variation stating the command or idea in slightly different ways to have it click in the victim's mind and change behavior . The subconscious is in truth a metaphor and not an actual physical structure but it works for describing hypnotic and behavioral phenomena .

Milton Erickson saw the repetition as needed and the variation also as helping get the technique to set the command and Hubbard uses both tremendously and far beyond what most could conceive of . Note :I NEVER recommend NLP as a practice or therapy as it is a fraud and unethical . It is a cult on training wheels as it tells the trainers at least that they are covertly influencing and manipulating where Scientology has many more layers of lies to penetrate and so helps through the commonalities see what Hubbard was doing under the surface . It is still a school for sociopaths but they know it where Scientology makes sociopaths covertly .

More in the next installment .