The following is an excerpt from an email I recently sent Jon Atack discussing my routine answer when an indie says "I like ARC and KRC they are good tools " . I hope it may help inspire consideration on the other view of these things .

I recently have been telling how he took in my opinion complexes (which I simplify even further as associations - l see emotions , ideas and behavior as linked to each other . In other words a man may think of say his mom and feel love, and do a behavior linked to her - perhaps call her . A woman may think of her baby and feel anticipation of seeing the child , and hurry up to get to see the tot .)
So it is obvious what Hubbard did here he made ARC by making emotion affinity , ideas reality and behavior communication . He knew by changing any one - even slightly- he could via repetition both normalize the new aspect of a person - say a behavior - from cognitive dissonance theory we get the other two being nudged over to resolve the dissonance . The change is always by the victim to comply with Hubbard , never accepted the other way . This is his working the corners of the triangle to raise one to raise the others .

It is a kind of conditioning as Hubbard studied Pavlov . By redefining affinity as physical closeness he makes a semantic destruction of love . It is lost in truth by this trick . Reality of course with his "agreement "instead of actuality makes delusion of "agreed on" strongly supplant the physical existence we are actually experiencing ( in my opinion ) .
It predisposes delusion as opposed to say observing nature ( the most basic root of science - observe nature to study it ) . And his communication is a way to remake behavior via a covert terminology . The drills and TRs and theories are all to make precisely controlled and submissive unthinking slaves . Who are willing to control others , as they are not aware of what they are truly doing .

He has "understanding "composed of faking liking people and hiding your true emotions , with a fixed unblinking stare ( ideal for a covert hypnotist who uses a stare to establish dominance and fake affinity for rapport ) , from" reality "hiding most of Scientology and working points of agreement ( similar to a hypnotist's method of using agreeable statements as paces to disarm judgment ) . And communication has drills and theories and methods to make a victim without hesitation control others with strong confidence . And emphasis on using intention with no doubt and perfect ability to repeat commands endlessly and control every aspect of a conversation and without upsetting someone steer attention . A very good model of a thought reformer or hypnotist .

And not to be too cheeky, but I think Hubbard took this another step - he made a method of using the cultist own mind to influence them . KRC has ( again by redefinition of terms ) knowledge as ideas , reality as emotions and control as behavior . It is subtle so bear with me . By making knowledge replace ideas he plays another trick - he has certainty replace wisdom or well tested or developed ideas . In other words he shifts from ideas to knowledge then to certainty which is not well tested and verified conclusions but unthinking deep strong delusion with no doubt . A complete reversal by redefinition - Orwell might shudder at this . And responsibility is a particularly cruel trick . He says it is "nonrecognition and denial of the right of intervention between oneself and any being..." He is making the rights of others irrelevant in the face of Scientology .He makes Scientology trump laws , authority , family , traditions , decency , equality and compassion . By a corollary of his oddly complex phrase he denies rights - which ? ALL.

He also makes all failures in Scientology a method to use shame , blame and regret to make a Scientologist just see themself as the source of all failures in Scientology as if you fail - you must take more responsibility . This is used over and over to induce guilt and that creates anxiety and a weakening of identity or ego and confusion . All confusions in Scientology are solved with "stable data " hypnotic commands given in times of vulnerability . By taking more responsibility it always means more submission to Scientology . Whether by spending more time on course or auditing or joining staff or working more or joining the SO . Or if a wealthy public giving ever increasing mountains of money . All Hubbard references on taking responsibility equal more complete surrender to the cult . In ethics this translates to a more complete submission via confession , OW write-ups , conditions etc. giving greater submission of your identity and inner secrets to the cult and its methodology .And control has by its humorous " the only way to control people is to lie to them " an odd implication . And by saying all three are linked a Scientologist is taught to take more responsibility if failing at control or to take control if failing at knowledge or responsibility . A circular idea that demands fanatical zeal with no doubt ( or critical or independent thought ), ruthless action denying all rights or outside authority or independence , and actions that require in training overriding others very will . And submission to Scientology's control as well .

Anyway , that is just an example of what I routinely dash off as an answer to an indie who may say "I love ARC and KRC - there is nothing bad about them " .
They are obviously not harmless to me .