This post is to ask why nobody in the press or anywhere talks about how through the fraud of Scientology AND the Lisa Mcpherson case AND the fraud of Narconon AND other sources DM is never accused of the countless murders that he MUST be legally responsible for ! WTF !?

In many places if in committing another crime you cause through action or negligence the death of a human being that you knew was preventable you are responsible for that death !

He knows people with treatable illnesses getting assists and running BTs DIE when they could be saved by conventional medicine and has them fooled and die so he can defraud them !

I'm no lawyer BUT I thought that is felony murder or second degree murder in many states .

AND he has caused the deaths of countless citizens of many other countries , MANY of which do not allow Scientology to hide behind the religious cloak !

They should be seeking his extradition for murdering their people AND a laundry list of humans rights violations as well !

The SO grossly violates human rights every fucking second of every god-damned day !

They cannot help it ; it is explicitly built into the heart of the SO in the god damned FOs ! WTF !?

I want people to be completely outraged and keep pushing this through press and government until it gets results.

I am quite upset as I just got to the point in my post a million years in hell where I have to recount a particularly brutal and tragic murder that occurred I feel due to the cult's wretched influence and I am fucking sick of it.

I want anyone to contribute anything they have for this and push this angle relentlessly and mercilessly, if people take notice of murder well Scientology has blood by the bucketful.

If that is the " button " to use with the " publics " then CRUSH it !

You never have to exaggerate or lie. Just tell the truth.