Hello , I am an ex Scientologist , this blog is primarily about that but I may address other topics as the mood hits me to . I was in Scientology for 25 years and spent about 10,000 hours using the indoctrination and thought reform method "study tech " . I also spent time on staff and met hundreds of Scientologists and did hundreds of the cult practices . Many were the "ethics cycles and OW writeups " that really are an attempt to suppress or remove a person's identity and replace it with a mental pseudo clone of Ron Hubbard . To make a fanatical slave for the cult .

I looked outside the cult for answers in about January 2014 and left the cult in about March of 2014 . While in about 99% of members have no idea of the truth .

We are told we are in a mental therapy or spiritual enhancement or religion or science for helping people unlock potential . Or any of several other fronts that all pretend kind and humanitarian goals .

The truth is Scientology is a terrorist mind control cult and this blog is my attempt to understand and expose that . And try to state as clearly as possible the tools that I have found helpful in dealing with this .

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hubbard Hypnotist Part One: Now And You

I recently discovered a thread from the site ESMB from several years ago on Ron Hubbard as a hypnotist. The thread was started by Jachs and I will quote several of his comments here. He used a unique format for his posts. He used quotes from Hubbard and a program to count the number of times words were used on tapes by Hubbard. Hubbard claimed certain words could affect a person's mind in certain ways.

 He apparently took many ideas from various schools of hypnosis and persuasion to determine which words and which kinds of words create which affects and many, many ideas and theories on hypnosis.

 Since leaving Scientology I discovered enough from a few dozen hours research into hypnotism to see the auditing and indoctrination methods involve and are heavily based on hypnotism. I have since probably added several hundred more hours looking at hypnosis, rhetoric, logical fallacies, social psychology, cults in general, narcissism, sociopaths and related subjects.

Now I may honestly at this point be one of the individuals who has written the most on hypnosis and persuasion being used in Scientology. Obviously Jon Atack knows far more about these subjects and Arnie Lerma has research it far more and released more information.

I am no hypnotist or academic expert. As a point of pride I at least know enough to recognize the basic terms and some theories many schools of hypnosis use or dispute. I am more informed than most people who don't practice hypnosis or a related subject professionally. I can form an educated opinion on the subject.

But I must admit that compared to some hypnotists whose ideas and conversations I have witnessed I know far, far less about the practice of hypnotism and all the hundreds of methods and practices within hypnotism than they do. Compared to some of these guys and girls I have about the equivalent of a fifth grade education if they have the equivalent of a master's degree.

The average layman has the equivalent of no education on the subject.

As tough as it is to admit Hubbard was a master of hypnosis. He probably was the equivalent of a person with multiple master's degrees and a couple doctorates on top of it. Now for some other subjects he was ass backwards and running on plagiarism and arrogance. He has the equivalent of a Reader's Digest level education on many subjects. He read brief articles to get tid bits for placing in his references to seem brilliant. He also reportedly had aides including his wife Mary Sue read books and just give him a brief summary of their interpretation of the most important ideas. He plagiarized by proxy often. And over time his fractured mind in my opinion deteriorated so his understanding was severely diminished and his prior knowledge, warped and not entirely correct as it was, was highly inaccessible. I believe he was always a conman with what Robert Lifton called the split mind of the guru. The guru in a cult simultaneously has a belief they are honest, good and truthful and also know they are a conman, lying and try to hide the lies and bury evidence that otherwise would quickly show anyone that their claims cannot be supported or possibly true.

But I have gone on enough. I will quote Jachs post below and after list several of my posts that describe how Hubbard used hypnosis in Scientology. These quotes are from several sources including the PDC Philadelphia Doctorate Course tape lectures.

Begin quotes from Jachs :
the word count of the NOW was one part of what ELRon talked about with Hypnotism. 

Building Rapport

Getting anothers sole attention.

Then get the subjects ongoing agreement.

Then the subject believes the operator is the only one who exists in the world at that moment.

At that point the subject will do anything, see anything the Hypnotist gives him permission to .

Thats straight out of Rons specialty PDC talk on Hypnotism , and is backed up in Hypnotism manuals. There is a stated figure that 95% of the population is in a mesmerized state.

There are mechanisms the subject employs to reject another taking possession of his mind, but these are dismissed & disarmed by Ron. Jachs ESMB

 Ron THE Hypnotist

Quote Originally Posted by FORREST J. ACKERMAN about the 29 April 1948

"Well, 45 years ago there was established a Los Angeles Science Fiction Society. I'm a charter member. I was at the very first meeting and I've been to 1500 meetings off and on in between.

It was a period when Ron came around our club. He was living in Los Angeles. And what I particularly remember about his appearances there was an evening of spectacular hypnostism when hypnotized just about every kid in the club.

I remember he gave one young man a... what would you call it... In any event, the boy was convinced that cupped in his hand, he held a little tiny Kangaroo that was hopping around and I remember he came over and showed the Kangaroo to me
Quote Originally Posted by 
Dec 1952 Philadelphia Doctorate Course

There’s nothing every very weird about hypnotism.

It is the easiest thing in the world. ..

„All right, now you stare at the candle, stare at the candle.

Now uh… you know that concentration of that sort can make you for… sort of sleepy and so on.You stare at the candle until you feel that.“

And he’ll say, „All right.“ See he’s agreed that concentration on that can make him sleep.

All right, … let’s look at this candle a little… a little closer and

now let’s feel let’s feel the… the… the body becoming more and more relaxed. And, he agrees to feel that the body is becoming more and more relaxed.

That’s all there is to that. He… he just agrees little by little,

the next thing you know the hypnotist says, „

Now your eyes will close.“ And his eyes go bonk. Of course, he agreed to that.

Now, the hypnotist says, „

Now your right hand will rise.“ And with some slight amazement, this fellow watches his right hand come up.
And he says, „Wooo, I’m hypnotized.“ So he just gives it up then,

and the hypnotist now says, „

Now you see that kangaroo on your right knee?“

„Yes.“ He sees the kangaroo on his right knee.

Now take it on your right knee.

Now let’s see it jump over to the left knee.

Now you got that? All right,

now let’s put… let’s put a… uh… a bonnet on this kangaroo. Got the bonnet on it?

Now have the kangaroo sing a song

.“ And the hypnotized person is very happy to sit there and watch this.



4,275 TIMES


NOW you see that?

Continually direct the crowd into NOW

Quote Originally Posted by Science of Survival 1951

Time Track
The present-life time track begins at the first moment of recording and ends at
present-time, or at death, and it includes all consecutivemoments of “NOW” and
the perceptics of those moments.

Action Phrases

Holds preclear at a point on the track. Stay HERE
Quote Originally Posted by DMSMH

the misDirector

And others. Now is sometimes confused with present time ...
The auditor should not say „Come to now,“ because if he did he would find more "nows" than he could
comfortably handle. "Present" is a rarer engramic word and is therefore used.

"Now' appears too frequently. (pg 255)  Jachs Esmb

 Ron THE Hypnotist

Quote Originally Posted by PDC-04 pg6

The hypnotist is only interested in one thing, really.

The hypnotist is interested in taking the control of this individual.

Quote Originally Posted by 1952 PDC-04 HOW TO HANDLE THEM pg 13 2.12.52

Well, now, the state[Founder] is giving you a place to live.

Yeh, and the state gives you work.

And the state[sea org] is going to give you food and cars and one pair of shoes per citizen.

And the state is also going to give you a medal [Auditors Certificate] if you’re a good boy.

The state has assumed complete control of the individual and what happens to these individuals?

They go into an hypnotic trance.

The state[Ron the Hypnotist] says the moon is made of green cheese.

It says right here that uh… Rosaline Kokabum uh… in the year 1821 flew to the moon and made a complete survey and inspection of this in order to throw at the capitalis- tic system. And here… here is the moon and it’s all been discovered and nailed down and it’s now under our banner. And the citizenry says,„Gong, yeh the moon is made out of green cheese.“

Now, your hypnotized subject becomes in a state of complete obedience to the hypnotist.

Quote Originally Posted by PDC-05 pg 7 SCALES OF HANDLING 2.12.52

Well, that’s… that’s very interesting because we have hypnotism which can be demonstrated as a phenomenon,

and we show that the greater and greater agreement,

all you do to hypnotize somebody is just make him agree… agree… agree 

and after that he’ll see anything.

He’ll do anything,

he’ll see anything.

He agrees, agrees, agrees.

Quote Originally Posted by PDC-05- pg 15 SCALES OF HANDLING

You know that you can frighten a person suddenly and they go into a hypnotic trance?

And if you were to frighten a person suddenly and tosay something real fast to them, you’d lay in a beautifulengram?

And that thing commands them thereafter

That is the TRICK on making an agreement.

You could say… you can … watch this in experience:

people become that of which they are afraid. [frightened with]

People [obey]create that which they fear.

Quote Originally Posted by PDC-15 pg 4 THE LOGICS:

he has volunteered.

And the next thing you know, you’ll find out he has agreed.

How is all this done?

It’s done by hypnosis; it’s done in various other ways.

Hypnosis is just a sudden agreement. 

And uh… it’s done in various ways

and then he comes down this whole long scale of agreement 

and things get more and more in agreement 

and they are probably more and more actually to his personal discredit

and uh…

antipathetic to his best beingness, habit he’s still going down the line,

and goes down the line further, ...and further, ...and further, ...and further.

And this fellow goes into apathy and he goes further and further

and further. And of course, he goes more and more under control.

Quote Originally Posted by PDC-31 pg 16

So, in order to _____ you have to desire it.

Now, this mechanism is, incidently, one of the interesting points of hypnotism.

When a person gets very groggy in hypnosis, he’s been put down to a point where he’s very obedient
Quote Originally Posted by STRUCTURE/FUNCTION:11.12.52
I turned around and I had hypnotism. 

I had a little advantage there because I was using hypnotism that I had learned in India.

And that doesn’t bear too much resemblance to Western hypnotism.

You’ve got variety of hypnotism there. There are ninety thousand ways of putting a guy out – I swear there must be that many ways.

I mean, you can just run on and on and on.

There’s various things you do;

you treat the perceptic lines in certain ways

and guys go „Ka- boom!“
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Ron THE Hypnotist












20, 878 TIMES IN 62 HOURS



Conversational Hypnotic Words Enchant Anyone

How To Use Conversational Hypnotic Words To Enchant Anyone
To get the attention of someone , and draw them in…it’s a lot about the choice of words you use. conversational hypnotism is all about the clever use of persuasive hypnotic power words to entice and compel people into listening to you…and doing what you want. Jachs 

Ron THE Hypnotist

Quote Originally Posted by Dec 1952 Philadelphia 'D' Course

There’s nothing every very weird about hypnotism.

It is the easiest thing in the world. ..That’s all there is to that.

He… he just agrees little by little,

the next thing you know the hypnotist says, „

Now your eyes will close.“ And his eyes go bonk. Of course, he agreed to that.

Nowthe hypnotist says, „

Now your right hand will rise.“ And with some slight amazement, this fellow watches his right hand come up.

And he says, „Wooo, I’m hypnotized.“ So he just gives it up then,

and the hypnotist now says, „

Now you see that kangaroo on your right knee?“

„Yes.“ He sees the kangaroo on his right knee.

Now take it on your right knee.

Now let’s see it jump over to the left knee.

Now you got that? All right,

now let’s put… let’s put a… uh… a bonnet on this kangaroo. Got the bonnet on it?

Now have the kangaroo sing a song

.“ And the hypnotized person is very happy to sit there and watch this.


Quote Originally Posted by Dec 1952 Philadelphia 'D' Course

If you want to give your "preclear" a fantastic feeling of security, start picking up his origin points and moving them around.

Now I’ll give you an example of that.

Shut your eyes, shut your eyes and take the upper corner…

oh, pardon me, open your eyes again, look at that upper corner of that room over there.

Okay, now shut your eyes again.

Now move that corner, postulate that corner out into the middle of the room,

now put it back where it was in the first place,

now let’s move it out into the middle of the room again.

Now let’s put it back there and let’s look over to the other side here of the stage and let’s look at that origin point over there. That’s a postulated origin point.

Now close your eyes. Now take both of these origin points and bring ‘em slowly to- gether just up above my head. Interesting feeling, isn’t it? 

Put them back where they belong.

The second you do that it leaves some people sitting outside. It leaves some people no place.

All right, now shut your eyes again and take that origin point and move it over uh… to your right about four feet and then back again.

Move it over about four feet and back again.

Now take these two forward origin points on the roof and move them both over four feet si- multaneously to the right and then back over about to four feet to the left and then just move them back and forth, back and forth, till you get a sensation of motion. Isn’t that interesting?
Quote Originally Posted by Dec 1952 Philadelphia 'D' Course

There’s nothing every very weird about hypnotism.

It is the easiest thing in the world. ..That’s all there is to that. 

He… he just agrees little by little,

the next thing you know the hypnotist says, „

Now you see that kangaroo on your right knee?“

„Yes.“ He sees the kangaroo on his right knee.

Now take it on your right knee.

Now let’s see it jump over to the left knee.

Now you got that? All right,

now let’s put… let’s put a… uh… a bonnet on this kangaroo. Got the bonnet on it?

Now have the kangaroo sing a song

.“ And the hypnotized person is very happy to sit there and watch this.

Because he states Little by Little?

Quote Originally Posted by PDC-14 METHODS pg11

You can even get a psychotic over, ....

or you can get him into an agreement with you.

Get him over, 'mock' him up an illusion,

say “Do you see this little man, no, no, do you see this little man here?”

The guy will mock up a little man there for you, see?

Maybe he’ll look at the one you’re mocking up and uh… he’s liable to say,

“Yeah, yeah, I see that little man.” 

Now you’d think you were leading him right straight off into hallucination and delusion; 

that wouldn’t be the case at all. [denial]

You say, “All right, do you see the little man jump?” 

“Sure.” Yeah, he’ll agree with you yeah.,

You’ve got a point of agreement.
Takes two to make some universe like this one. Jachs

Ron THE Hypnotist


HYPNOTIST Ambiguous/ messages. Conversational confusion rollercoaster.

Fusing two separate concepts/ words together



9 out 0f 10 instances in PDCs

Pull you in with beauty and then karate chop ya....

There were many quotes in PDCS i looked at all of them

to save depression i deleted many.

Hubbard says his strategy right.. right.. right ..right.. here

"If you’ll notice, making anything forceful really beautiful.

They… they… they… they play off the majority of the items which they manufacture

which are destructive and they make them ugly, not beautiful".

a beautiful piece of automaticity 
beautiful engram?

It is another beautiful way of destroying.

You just get them to have the beautiful sadness of being the last auditor
on Earth.

yet the reactive mind operates that way most beautifully

You get this beautifully clear lock

give him some beautiful, engraved, pure lead pistols

so that he gets himself most beautifully loused up

That’s a beautiful control mechanism.

Beautiful Brutality –

These beautiful, beautiful slave chains!
 [dec 1952...Apollo is looming]

And they don’t know these exist, which is the beautiful joke on the whole

Life could be beautiful. Of course, I don’t guarantee what’s going to happen to other people.

this is a beautiful police universe. Police, police, police. Every direction you look.

Man has been playing this beautiful tune of all is best in this best of all possible worlds, and with rape, and murder, and arson,

Have you any idea what composes that beautiful sunset? It is dust hanging in the air from some old volcanic explosion,

Radioactive fire which if you even vaguely approached it and got a tiniest burn you would thereafter rot. Beauty in this universe.

You go out and look at the butterfly, and you watch him flying around through the grass, and you… so forth, and uh… you say:Isn’t that pretty?
Did you ever follow the fate of a butterfly?

And if you have ever counted the number of beautiful citieswhich have gone by the boards here on this earth,

And here’s why it’s a control operation of magnitude. That’s all right,see, that adds up very beautifully.

They spun, they went up and down the pole like a… so many firemen at a five-
alarm fire. They were… beautiful condition. They’d rush into Roman Courts and say, „Okay, here I am! Execute me!

You can have a 1.5 operating on an aesthetic. He goes into a beautiful rage. Did you ever see anybody that went into a rage artistically? He’s still at 1.5, he tears the hell out of things, but he’s still going into an artistic rage. 

You try to pick up sensation from the beautiful sunset, you try to pick up a communication from somebody, you try to pick up sensation from this lovely bodyand you cave the bank in. You literally cave the bank in. You can practically crush your skull in, if you get low on the tone scale and you desire sensation up a communication line. 

Did you see WINGS – uh… back… the old… the old production, World War 1 planes
and everything else? They had some of the beautiful shot-downs there. I mean, the… the Fokker or the Spad or something or other would be shot down and they’d go down in beautiful falling leaves and trailing smoke and terrific sound effects and so forth.

If you see somebody nailed to the top of the Empire State Building flagpost with a huge beautiful silken banner flopping down around the inert body or something like that, why, don’t be too surprised or amazed; it’ll be in a good cause;

Little girl, she’s sitting on the curb, she’s playing uh… with a… jacks or something of the sort, and this will be in the year, oh, a couple trillion years ago, and she’s sitting on this big, beautiful city and here’s a very, very nice-looking hussar uh… who rides up and says uh… officer, and he said, uh… „How are you?“ and… andgives her some candy. Well, after she passes out, uh… why, he takes her across the saddle bow and takes her into the… into the big castle and there she is placed in a room remarkably like those that are in use right at this moment. Uh… there’s a shining grate or something of this sort and it keeps her in a state of trance. 

depression session is over Jachs

Ron THE Hypnotist

Structure/Function: 11 December 1952 page 1

All processes are based upon the original observation

that an individual could have implanted in him by hypnosis

and removed at will any obsession or aberration,

compulsion, desire, inhibition which you could think of – by hypnosis.“ 

Hypnosis, then, was the wild variable;

sometimes it worked,

sometimes it didn’t work.

It worked on some people; it didn’t work on other people.

Any time you have a variable that is as wild as this, study it.

Well, I had a high certainty already –

I had survival. Got that in 1938 or before that. And uh…
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Ron THE Hypnotist

Hypnotism from Master.

Quote Originally Posted by 8-8008-1952

Because of its wealth of energy and energy forms, the thetan finds himself ordinarily outdone in energy emanation by the mest [ron] universe.

Thus he is the target of an almost continuous inflow which causes him to have a consistent and continual agreement with the mest [ron] universe.

He seldom disagrees with the mest [ron] universe, and the best processing one can do is to break this agreement and turn it into an opposite flow, for only in this wise can a preclear's ability to handle energy and be responsible for it[himself] be re-established. If you ask a preclear to get the concept of agreeing, he will find himself experiencing an inflow upon himself.

[Is it surprising that Rons next thought after discussing agreement and one way flow is Hypnotism?]

Hypnotism is performed by causing a subject to receive a continuous monotonous or rhythmic flow from the [speaker]operator. After this flow has continued the subject will accept any reality which the operator cares to deliver unto him. It is in this case, evidently, with the mest universe, and the [continuous flow] solidity of the mest[ron] universe is completely dependent upon one's acceptance of it in terms of agreement.

On OT3, past life implants..The obscene dawg
The material universe is very real, but any hypnotist can instruct a hypnotized subject into the construction of a universe which has tactile, sight, sound and any other manifestation possessed by the material universe, and who is to say then, that the hypnotized subject is not perceiving a universe?

Faith – Distrust

[not trust & distrust- select definitions]

There is no more over-rated quality in existence than faith.[trust]

The subject who, under the hands of a hypnotist operator, conceives an enormous agreement with the hypnotist, is experiencing faith as it is commonly understood. In this state the subject can perceive anything which the hypnotist may direct. 

In order to understand faith, one must,be able to differentiate between faith-in [trust] and faith. The difference between these two conditions is a direction of flow which earlier we found to be reality[above pg21] itself. Faith-in is an inflow of agreement and the placing of one's beingness*[trust] and doingness under the control of another, and is, in other words, the sacrifice of one's universe.

This is the basic mechanism wherein, all along the 'w hole' track,[1950-1986 my plan] thetans have been recruited in some cause or mystery, and have surrendered to this their own identity and ability. 

A little of this goes a very long distance. It is in essence the basic trick of hypnotism and by it one can convert and reduce the abilities of a subject for any purpose.

Faith-in is an inflow and brings about the acceptance of reality other than one's own. Faith itself would be without flow where one was in a full state of beingness and, with this condition, one could occasion faith itself to occur within his own universe, or could occasion people to have faith in him.
[hes playing with his little toys--us-- all the way writing this]

closing note
Only lies degrade you. This is the lesson of Scientology.
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Ron THE Hypnotist

Quote Originally Posted by Jachss99 View Post
Hypnotist control words.

PTS SP Tapes, word counts

St Hill special Brief c. 1965, 66

1-Anti-social person YOU~ (348)

2-Sup-pressives ~YOU (415)

3-Scio Zero YOU ~(296)

4-Org & Ethics YOU ~(340)

5-Handling PTS YOU~ (498)

6-Out Tech YOU ~(447)

7-Brief Review YOU~ (410)

Total YOU =2754

Scientology Tech Dictionary
DeMoN CIRCUIT, 1. Any command containing “YOU” and seeking to dominate or nullify the individual’s judgment is potentially a demon circuit. (NOTL, p. 80)

L Ron Hubbards ADMISSIONS [now potentially David Miscaviges]

Admissions COURSE 2 & 3 YOU~ (969)

You are asleep.

You are not accountable for anything you say now.

No one will think any less of you....

End quotes by Jachs

A list of applicable references:

Insidious Enslavement: Study Technology

Basic Introduction To Hypnosis In  Scientology

Pissed It's Not Your Fault !!!

The Critical Factor

The Secret Of Scientology Part 1 Control Via Contradiction

Burning Down Hell - How Commands Are Hidden, Varied And Repeated To Control You As Hypnotic Implants

Humbling Simplicity

The Empty Well

Why Hubbard Never Claimed OT Feats And The Rock Bottom Basis Of Scientology

Propaganda By Reversal Of Meaning In Scientology

Scientology's Parallel In Nature - Malignant Narcissism

There Is No Irony In Scientology

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