Hello , I am an ex Scientologist , this blog is primarily about that but I may address other topics as the mood hits me to . I was in Scientology for 25 years and spent about 10,000 hours using the indoctrination and thought reform method "study tech " . I also spent time on staff and met hundreds of Scientologists and did hundreds of the cult practices . Many were the "ethics cycles and OW writeups " that really are an attempt to suppress or remove a person's identity and replace it with a mental pseudo clone of Ron Hubbard . To make a fanatical slave for the cult .

I looked outside the cult for answers in about January 2014 and left the cult in about March of 2014 . While in about 99% of members have no idea of the truth .

We are told we are in a mental therapy or spiritual enhancement or religion or science for helping people unlock potential . Or any of several other fronts that all pretend kind and humanitarian goals .

The truth is Scientology is a terrorist mind control cult and this blog is my attempt to understand and expose that . And try to state as clearly as possible the tools that I have found helpful in dealing with this .

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hubbard Hypnotist Part 2: SHSBC Saint Hill Special Briefing Course

This post is the sequel to Hubbard Hypnotist Part 1: Now And You which should be read first to understand this post. It also quotes Jachs posts from ESMB.

This one addresses the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course which is a huge course that Hubbard delivered over several years and many thousands of audiotapes for a Scientologist to listen to. The course is gargantuan and often takes a couple years of study at eighty hours a week on course. It is to my knowledge not currently delivered. It was the high standard for Scientologists who seriously want to fully immerse themselves in Scientology training as a goal. 

This collection of quotes includes word counts and classes of words as they are used in hypnotism. Some are in the categories Hubbard laid out in Dianetics. 

He renamed types of terms from hypnosis and got his victims to repeat them with the repeater technique from Dianetics. It uses words he believed directed attention in certain ways. He told auditors repetition would diminish the influence BUT actually repetition is the most basic form of influence. He used it as covert hypnosis and made it so covert the auditor thought he was removing content that secretly influenced people when in fact his words were intended to create hidden hypnotic influence the auditor isn't aware of. And neither is the course supervisor or the case supervisor or anyone else in the vast vast majority of Scientologists.

Hubbard has used terms like valence shifter, grouper, denier, holder, bouncer and several others to relabel ideas from hypnotism.

His group has "They, All, Ever, Every" as generalities. Getting people to think in them gets their ideas spread out as applying to everyone and every situation. It has a specific role in hypnosis and different schools see it differently.

Hubbard was fully aware of this.

He had another group of terms that  DIRECT attention. Hubbard called these holders. The important thing is Hubbard got his unknowing hypnotist in the auditor to repeat these terms and to get the person being audited to repeat the terms. They include "That, This. He, Their, Those".

Another group is words one could call CERTAINTY PLANT terms. These terms include"Is, So, Because, Are, Therefore". 

Just like in the first post I will use quoted excerpts from Jachs then follow with my own posts on hypnotism and persuasion in Scientology. 

Ron THE Hypnotist

Selected excerpts from the Complex SHS Briefing Course 

5 1/2 years Complexity

7 MAY 1961 -13 DEC 1966

447 hours

of one way constant flow Opinion , Misdirection, Confusion , Generalities, Dispersion.

Specialty HYPNOSIS "THE ONE COMMAND" (orders,commands, implants, convince, confuse, comply, brainwashing, overwhelm, generalities)


Teaching is not implanting, but teaching [in the past] often came to implanting.

Now, those are the command.

Anything that you could tell a person to do as an order

any type of command that you could give somebody who'skind of in an hypnotic trance, 

you know, make him feel that he was earlier or later, are these bouncers.

All of these phraseologies which any phrase that you can think of in any language that would deny a person ...


You take some bird, he's in a total hypnotic trance. He comes in and you say, "Well, close the door," and the door is closed. And you tell him, "Close the door." And they go over and they pick up an imaginary door knob and shut the imaginary door so that they will comply with what you've said.

You've set them down in a chair and they're in a chair. If you stood them up, they'll stand up.

SHSBC-110 –4 - 30.1.62-

In an hypnotic trance, it is demonstrated conclusively that he has no control over anything. That is what is demonstrated to him, you see. He not only has no responsibility but he also has no control over anything and that the only person who can do any control is the hypnotist.

It doesn't matter what trickery you indulge in to get these combinations of conditions to exist. Nevertheless, those are the combinations. So that he loses all control.

Hypnotism is a total overwhelm. You do a total overwhelm and show the individual that he has no will-power of any kind.

... you can induce an hypnotic trance that way. Just overwhelmthe pc [person], get the two shuns backwards, and you've got it all set from there on and you'll have trouble. But it's an overwhelm.


... the auditor must enforce an inflow on the pc. He's got hypnotism or something mixed up with auditing.

SHSBC-207 –4 - 21.8.62

Just look at that, man. This could happen to a dog..

"Nobody" ever brought them up to present time and squared them around or anything like that.

Hypnotists even have rules on the subject. For God’s sakes, wake your patient up and slap him in the face and pour cold water on him.

Don’t let him walk out of the door and out onto a busy public street, because they very often do and get themselves killed or run over or injured, because they’re still hypnotized when they leave the session.. Well, that’s a hypnotist..Even a hypnotist knew.

SHSBC-209 – 18.9.62

If you want to make some pc feel like he’s being hypnotizedwhen he isn’t, set up two bottles in front of him and tell him to look at the left one, and then tell him to look at the right one, and then tell him to look at the left one, and tell him to look at the right one, and tell him to look at the left one, and tell him to look at the right one, and tell him to look at the left one, and all of the sudden he’ll get some weird feeling of becoming hypnotized.


.. they didn’t have the technology. I just say that very advisably. The East has never known how to do it. That I can tell you out of the depths of my own experience. I can show you an Indian rope trick, the small boy going up the pole. I can do it.

Hypnotize the lot of you; you’d see most anything. Never did anybody any good. Anybody wants to dramatize Ax 10, by all means dramatize Ax 10. But there’s a point where even that catches up with them.
Indian rope trick is mass hypnotism.

The last fun I ever got out of mass hypnotism was hypnotizing the staff of Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington. I don’t know if I ever told you that story. I needn’t bother to now. But this, this is all nonsense. They didn’t have the technology in the East, they have never had the technology. They knew a few answers. And they all wound up in the soup.


Now, that case you’ll also find in a coma in a hospital.
And you take their hand and touch the sheet, and take their hand and touch the blanket, and take their hand and touch the sheet, give them the commands each time and acknowledging, and so forth, they come out of their coma.

You can take some bird down here who has been concussed in an automobile accident for quite a while, and he’s been into... unconscious for eighteen days,

........ have to be very careful what you promise them or say to them because they’re in quite an hypnotic state. 


Now, that's all very fine, but he didn't look at the hypnotic character of the statement
"You are better."

This is this suggestion group. There's over twenty-two and a half percent or twenty-two and a half percent of the people of this planet are apparently in a constant hypnotic state.

SHSBC-330 – 29.8.63
... then tell them what their opinion is and they just sit there… They're – of course, they're in a hypnotic trance to their own opinion, so anything you say must be their opinion, see?

SHSBC-369 – 5.3.64

Now, I've conducted some experiments in hypnotism,

in... early on, no longer using anything like hypnotism,

never did use it in this particular field,

but it's terrific, terrific piece of research material.

And I've caused somebody's nose to run for two or three hours. ...
... simply by an hypnotic command – when you wake them up they're going to have a cold and their nose is going to run, up until the time you snap your fingers and say abracadabra, see?


Well, how was such a thing as that engineered? Well, it's engineered by psychological warfare. It's engineered by mental tricks of one kind or another.

They had everybody hypnotized into believing that they could '...

, and Truman was so hypnotized into believing this...

It was just propaganda, you see? Wasn't any reason why anybody couldn't do it.

...Must be a very dangerous business and they've hypnotized him into believing something or other about it


Of course, we go on a tradition "if you learn anything about man that will help him,
you help him with it." ...

"If you learn anything about man that you can manipulate him 

You're going to manipulate men, 

you've got to change their definitions

and change their goals

and enslave them and do this and do that. [greatest good]

But yes, they recognize very well, that people would try to be free or people want to be free or they'd recognize these various points, see?

they've developed a brand- new philosophy that people want to be slaves ...

And they're selling everybody on the idea that people really, really down deep are just a mass and what the person wants to do is cohese with this mass and be protected by the mass. And that is the new thought. The broader philosophic term for that is communism.

This total sameness, stary-eyed, hypnotic nowhere of the Spartan. Quite interesting.

And then they don’t really connect this up and they’re sort of hunted about the whole thing, and we make them nervous.

But frankly, our command value over such a person is. 

It’s almost an hypnotic command value which is sort of interesting. …

the words which you’re saying as you speak to them are engramic, almost, as you speak them. It’s all very interesting. Scn could be in this state and simply put the whole society into some kind of an obedience basis without even trying...[by design]


you can tell an hypnotized subject that this has been the span of time, don’t you see, or not been the span of time.[eternity-]

Although I don’t know that these blokes ever thought of doing that, particularly.

You can cause incident to occur on a projected basis, in ways that the modern hypnotist has entirely forgotten.

But this experiment, ..
You put another being into a rapport, which is a total bing-bang, you see, with regard to it. And it isn’t just a physical rapport, because that other being feels and thinks the thought and feeling of the body of the person who has him mesmerized.

Homo sap, somebody hypnotizes him and upsets what little sense of value he has left, because the only thing the poor bloke has got is his own self-determinism.

The only thing he’s got left is that tiny, tiny spark of power of choice
... when you overcome that, you just throw him into a total effect; then that mud just goes down right up over his head, see?


But there are several of these things. There's hypnotism.

Hypnotism is nothing but to make people more suggestible or more compliant.

So you discover that there were innumerable practices in time which were
devoted to simply having an effect upon the individual, making him weaker, making him more compliant, making him more easily controllable by the [cos]state.

You take some of these states that ran on the basis of a thought tower. They had a thought tower and if you had any hostile thoughts to the state[ron], why, the thought tower [ethics-knowledge report]was supposed to pick these up and record them and you instantly reported to the chief police's [ethics] office and had yourself brainwashed.

This was one of the wildest swindles that ever heard of it, because they never have had a thought tower which ever did pick up anybody's thought. But the person was implanted with the idea that if he had a hostile thought it would be picked up by the thought tower[e-meter] and he was under compulsion to go and visit the police office![ethics-security checker]


But if man [man= everyone being one] does not know that there is even such a thing as a reactive mind, if he does not know there is such a thing as a potential implanting – .l.., I don't say that is what happened. This is a technical subject, ... And if man [man= everyone being one]is not aware of anybody [pick someone]having a reactive mind,

he's not aware of implanting or how you can implant a suggestion,

if his closest awareness of it is hypnotism and if he considers, at large, hypnotism a fake and if he is also told carefully by all the hypnotists that only some people can be hypnotized, then people think they've got hypnotism mixed up with it. Well, actually all hypnotism is,is a restimulation of
past implants.


Now, brainwashing simply is the trick of mixing up certainties. 

All you have to do if you want to know and develop the entire field

of brainwashing as developed by Pavlov,

is simply to make somebody ..... into a confused or hypnotic state in which he can believe anything.[ a person wants you to believe]

Definitions on last tape

Generality: a generality is used more or less purposely.Actually individuals who are pretty dispersed or, you know, sort of all around and hazy and so forth, tend to talk in generalities.

"they." "the public." “man” "Everybody" “Man” "Society" " Clear Planet"

Unspecific, it's blowing up a smaller to a larger or a singular to a plural. And that's what's known as generalizing.

I've never failed, by the way – in exploring with a meter – I have never failed to find out who "they" "Man" was, and it was always one person.

Suppress: covertly is done by expressing generalities to it.
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Ron THE Hypnotist

Ron Hubbard on Greatness , Friendship & Pre-War Fair Game

SHSBC-038 – 4.8.61

I was a young writer up around New York City.

I was just about the meanest young writer that ever lived.

If an editor rejected a story, he was in for it, man. I'd meet him at a party – I'd meet him at a party, and as one of my friends said, "My God! The horrible things you do to people!"

"Why, I never treat people badly."

And he says, "Ron, I have seen you take the skin off of a person square inch by square inch, and make him like it." [laugh]

And before the war, it actually was almost traditional in New York City that you'd better not reject one of Ron's stories. And no other writer ever dared criticize my stories or tell editors they were no good. They never dared chop up anything, this was for sure.

They were scared. Just plain scared.

I don't say that I was putting up a vicious mock-up, particularly, but I could get very nicely sarcastic, particularly at parties when there were lots of people around, you know. I never had any trouble at all.

And after the war, I was very nice to everybody. I was very pleasant. And writers started criticizing me like mad. And editors every once in a while would write me nasty let- ters. My rates were superior. They were up. My numbers of readers were up. All these things were up. Well, what had happened here?
You solve it. It was an unresolvable problem.

To do, in other words; to just go out overtly and claw everybody's eyes out in order to protect and effect a sphere of interest, you see, and a sphere of economic interest; or to be nice, pleasant, well-liked and get along well in a sphere of interest and economic interest. Look it over. Both answers were wrong.

Obviously, it did me no good at all to go around with that many overts. It's a wonder I didn't become an editor. Editors, you know, are best defined – are always defined by writers as failed writers. What is an editor? He is a failed writer. I never became one, but there it was.

And on the other side of the picture – let's look at the other side of the coin – to get along well with your fellows, that didn't work.

Ron THE Hypnotist

SHSBC 447 lectures


Attention Arresters ,Joiners

YOU* 195,954

YOU KNOW 12,748

NOW** 29,811

WE 27,279

SEE 17,495


ALL 44,963

THEY 32,489

EVER 4,921

EVERY 3,843


THAT 117,881

THIS 59,345

HE 53,285

THEIR 23,801

THOSE 5,136


IS 74,572

SO 35,208

BECAUSE 16,365

ARE 19,967


MUST 3,533

DON'T 23,601

NEVER 6,674

Incidentally, pattern of word choice frequency is similar between 1952 PDC to this "series"

Word count program used.

*YOU1-100 (50,322) 100-200 (43,554) 200-300 (38,275) 300 -400 ( 44,887) 400-447( 18, 876)

**NOW1-100 (7,663) 100-200 (6,009) 200-300 (6,046) 300 -400 ( 6,694) 400-447( 3,399)

Ron THE Hypnotist

What is an indecision?
How do implanted ideas come into suspension
you have to pour some positive and negative
. You have to get it stable –
if you want it stable you’ve actually got to hang it in the maybe, otherwise it will flow off and go in some other direction.

And they are formed up, normally, on a single button – a monomania on a single button. And if you smoke out what this button is and run a reverse process on it, you will make that kind of a person out of the pc.

There's another one that might belong on the old Primary Scale, by the way, is "Displease." Apparently, it's a very general button. "Approve" and "Displease" – they – they're apparently very powerful buttons.

SHSBC-177 – 19.6.62
The most serious button that you can disturb on a case, of course, is the knowingness button.
You throw the pc into a situation that has to do with know or not-know, and of course you are going to get into an involved situation.

SHSBC-225 – 9.10.62 Ronnies REVERSE
Now, you can make people… You can always reverse these decisions. This might be interesting to you. You can always make a person feel he has done something if he has a withhold about it. That’s an interesting mechanic of the mind.

Now, let’s say we tell this person we’re going to burn him .., we’re going to burn him in the electric chair, see, or something like that,

and do you know this fellow will turn around and dream up who he’s murdered? I tell you this is a fact. He’ll come around on the other side of the thing and he’ll dream up a crime to fit the punishment. He’ll get delusions about it. 

He’ll keep protesting his innocence, but he’ll go and sit down in quiet and wonder just who he did kill, see. This is quite remarkable.

SHSBC-177 – 19.6.62
The most serious button that you can disturb on a case, of course, is the knowingness button. 
You throw the pc into a situation that has to do with know or not-know, and of course you are going to get into an involved situation.



20th September 1961. Okay? Did anybody come up to present time?

All right. Well, it's your turn to tell me what you don't know, and ask questions about what you want to know.

Yes, ma'am.

Female voice: Ron, can you give me some more data on how to unravel the grouper?

Can we get some more data on how to unravel the grouper?Have you got a grouper? 
Did you yourself get whammoed into a grouper? 

Female voice: I have, but also I've had pcs who have, too.

[B][COLOR="red"] Has your grouper unraveled?

Female voice: No. 

It hasn't?

Female voice: At least I can hope on tonight! 


Female voice: I hope to have it unraveled tonight. 

You hope to have it unraveled tonight. Well, I won't tell you that grouper is one of the most insidious, one of the most horrible, one of the most fantastic ...

But I actually will tell you that a grouper can be a thoroughgoing bitch. It is mean. And when you run a pc into a grouper, his apparency is that all time jams. In actuality, he has come up against the whole time jam. He is confronting something.

What is a grouper? A grouper is a number of incidents becoming located, apparently, in one time instant. A number of instances have apparently all occurred in one time instance. So we have a number of incidents located at one point on the track.

And a grouper is normally found associated with implants. And the person who has a grouper has implanted people.
Quote Originally Posted by SHSBC-225 – 9.10.62

Now, you can make people… You can always reverse these decisions. This might be interesting to you. You can always make a person feel he has done something if he has a withhold about it. That’s an interesting mechanic of the mind....and do you know this fellow will turn around and dream up who he’s murdered? I tell you this is a fact. He’ll come around on the other side of the thing and he’ll dream up a crime to fit the punishment.

Female voice: Oh-ho-ho-ho, ho-ho. 

There you are. Now, that is what that is all about. 

Now, I didn't mean to make you ashamed. I see you blushed. Because ... 

Female voice: I ran an incident doing that Saturday.

You what?

Female voice: I said I ran an incident doing that. Of implanting people.

That's what it is. All right.

Now, you have to know what you were doing. What were you doing? Now, that is the main thing. Because, of course, a grouper cannot hang up on a pc unless the pc has done it.

Now, you're in a rather deep and complicated subject when you're into the subject of groupers, because it has to do with the fact that somebody's collapsed a bank on somebody with a thud. It has happened to everybody. And there's practicallyeverybody who has got a grouper at one time or another...

.....Now, what he never knows is whether or not he is hit by pictures [directed to]created by [ron]them or created by him. That's what he doesn't know. Are they his pictures or their[rons directed]] pictures? Well, he thinks he's being hit with an assortment of pictures. Why is he being hit with an assortment of pictures? Well, they're all of the same class. Well, he's in that kind of a circumstance, isn't he.
So the pictures he's mocking up actually are all of a class....andhe's sure that somebody shot these pictures at him.

Well, this is a nice trick, because he disowns them. He says, "They're not my pictures." Well, who the hell else was around there [directing him]making pictures?

You'll also find out that all the other phenomena mentioned in Dianetics are present in engrams. There are bouncers, there are call-backs. You get a guy to the end of the incident, and he's at the beginning of the incident, and you say how the hell did he get there? Well, he's got a call-back at the beginning of the incident.
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