Hello , I am an ex Scientologist , this blog is primarily about that but I may address other topics as the mood hits me to . I was in Scientology for 25 years and spent about 10,000 hours using the indoctrination and thought reform method "study tech " . I also spent time on staff and met hundreds of Scientologists and did hundreds of the cult practices . Many were the "ethics cycles and OW writeups " that really are an attempt to suppress or remove a person's identity and replace it with a mental pseudo clone of Ron Hubbard . To make a fanatical slave for the cult .

I looked outside the cult for answers in about January 2014 and left the cult in about March of 2014 . While in about 99% of members have no idea of the truth .

We are told we are in a mental therapy or spiritual enhancement or religion or science for helping people unlock potential . Or any of several other fronts that all pretend kind and humanitarian goals .

The truth is Scientology is a terrorist mind control cult and this blog is my attempt to understand and expose that . And try to state as clearly as possible the tools that I have found helpful in dealing with this .

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ron Hubbard's Narcissistic Traits

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The following post is a collection of statements from several posts on Ron Hubbard that have remarked on his narcissistic traits . This list is certainly incomplete but hopefully is a start .

I believe he truly obliterated his conscience and humility in a compulsive attempt to deny his own worthlessness and inadequacy as a man .
He did so much evil his only answer was to avoid it entirely in his perception of his own conduct while constantly projecting it out onto others .

Really , the extreme abuser sees themself as far superior to their victims . And that even abusing or raping or murdering them is a kind of favor. As it gives attention from the " wonderful " abuser to the "lowly" and "unworthy" victim .

We seek clear answers on Hubbard and to me learning about cult leaders and malignant narcissism and traumatic narcissism in depth are required to understand Hubbard's fractured mind . Robert Jay Lifton and Margaret Singer in my opinion had the best descriptions of cult leaders . Con men who can believe their lies but know they are lies and constantly work to hide them at the same time is the twisted mindset these men (and women ) have .

The truth about Hubbard's mind will not be found by considering a normal mind . His was severely abnormal in many aspects and that needs to be understood to understand him and his cult .

Hubbard followed the pattern of using or discarding people as sources of attention . He fit the description of a narcissist seeking new and better supply . He did it with his affairs , his constantly bringing in new supporters and then throwing them away when they got attention or wanted decent treatment or credit for their work.
Hubbard acted as if he was the only person who was real and mattered . Narcissism to the highest extreme .

The Scientology cult annihilates boundaries with the TRs and indoctrination subtly so the victim submits their identity and by confessing everything they surrender to the cult totally . This is an abusive relationship . The cult is a power holder / abuser/ narcissistic entity over the submissive slave/victim/ co dependent cult member. The cult violates the boundaries , that is narcissistic or sociopathic behavior . The cult member allows this , that is co dependent behavior . That dance is an abusive relationship .

Malignant narcissism is a great description for an abuser who sees himself as Hubbard did and abused others in the exact manner he did . Then adding God and god maker suits his megalomania and delusions of grandeur. When I first heard of these mental phenomena I wondered how they could be so unrealistic and extreme. Hubbard showed how you surround yourself with believers and feed them outlandish claims.

Apparently , in additional to following the classic narcissist's pattern of acquiring , using then disposing of people like objects to be used , until they catch onto him - then viciously turned on and ruined utterly , Hubbard also used women like objects to stroke his megalomaniacal ego .
He wanted to bang his way into history . He treated all people like objects to use and grew frustrated and infuriated when they failed to submit to him . As he saw himself as the only real person with worth and all others are far inferior in every way possible it makes sense .

In his fractured mind he had to always assert his godlike perfection via lies , as a constant denial of his inner worthlessness and absolute uselessness and inferiority. He never resolved this - it would have taken compassion , honesty and humility . Tools many would argue Hubbard long abandoned.

For a malignant narcissist like Hubbard facing their vulnerability , character and limitations takes accepting realities about themself and others . The superiority/inferiority dichotomy they struggle with is false - all if us have moments of stupidity , anger , selfishness and failure .

And most have moments of success , intelligence and usefulness .The majority have some kindness, compassion and self reflection and humility .
If Hubbard faced who he was and who we are he might have found a true measure of peace of mind and happiness he never attained . We are all limited , fallible , imperfect and in great vulnerability and need at all times . It has been said there are two opponents who stand undefeated - father time and mother nature .
Perhaps we should find what decency and happiness we can until they end our opportunity.

Think of it this way : a normal person can in a moment of anger use age regression and projection of negative emotions and be petulant , belligerent and cruel.

Most of us do this temporarily and come out of that and even though we don't always understand and admit being wrong we behave more like our normal selves and can have regret , shame self reflection and try to avoid negative behavior for the most part .
The severely disordered have -either from childhood trauma or rarely adult experiences or possibly other factors - minds that function differently . They project constantly and are permanently age regressed to early stages of development and never come out of it .

Imagine always having the maturity of a three year old , no conscience as you constantly see others as targets for hate and the source of an ever present unhappiness that can seem squashed in moments of dominating and destroying others , but as this is just avoidance via misdirection it is just a momentary distraction and leaves the abuser unsatisfied .

This is why some offenders get obsessed with brutalizing victims : it is the only way they hide from overwhelming feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy .
In their fractured minds they cannot accept their very humanity : to be human is to be flawed , imperfect, vulnerable and to have flawed character , behavior and knowledge.
Accepting that with humility and self compassion can allow and encourage compassion toward others .

The severely disordered lack that . They are doomed to misery as that nature cannot be successfully denied forever and certainly can't be escaped with cruelty towards others . Try as they might .

Due to projection they mistakenly see others as the source of their unhappiness with themselves . So they incorrectly see destroying or dominating others as the solution to this .

They have psychological defense mechanisms running amok . It severely impairs their reason .

He was what is called a self aware narcissist . He knew how we think and feel and how he was not like us . He saw himself as superior .

I have looked at extensive material on narcissistic personality disorder and malignant narcissism.

A small percentage of people are theoretically completely without compassion and humility . They also lack decency and mercy.

In one hypothesis a person idolized and treated as inhumanly perfect can be called a golden child and as a coping mechanism deny their very humanity and fears and imperfections and develop the fractured mind and identity of a narcissist to survive.

Hubbard has been described as having a grandfather and aunts who spoiled him and asserted his superiority and perfection. Then he ran into classmates who were all too willing to deny the lie.

I am not justifying his life or conduct . I am trying to help show how he was so unlike other people and the road he took to get there. He could have , like other idolized or abused children quite often do,  gone through a period of acting out and being angry , hurtful and immature and then deciding he wanted to do and be better .

Many millions are idolized or abused as children , or alternately one then the other and the vast majority grow up and make a sincere and often largely successful effort to be decent people.

If you truly find his cruelty and inhumanity a sticking point I have found information from groups that are survivors of narcissistic abuse clearly explains this at it is seen as essential to recovery.

They have hundreds of descriptions of people much like Hubbard and Miscavige. The most severe sociopaths may be one or two percent of the population in many models, but their influence is disproportionate to their numbers . By learning about them you are armed to protect yourself .

Ron Hubbard worked double time to make his iron grip on his cult complete .Really this dovetails with the most totalitarian doctrine of thought control in the KSW and "study technology" and "ethics technology" . All of which were written up in the mid sixties.

The legal strategies and espionage tactics fit the separation of the cult from society and the condemnation of outsiders and dissidents and even scapegoats as inferior and undeserving of rights and even existence in the cult's extreme polarizing black and white thinking.

The humorous predictability of Hubbard as a malignant narcissist in this is clear.
He pretended in Scientology doctrine to be of the finest moral character and stated their is no more ethical group on the planet and humbly claimed the title of mankind's greatest friend for himself. The false self as perfect and righteous beyond question.

Then the dark hidden reality of an inner self that utterly lacks morals or a trace of decency as he will stoop to any low to control those he can and destroy those he cannot. The underhanded and utterly dishonest and dishonorable tactics he used are par for the course for the inner self that loathes any defiance or disagreement with his omnipotence. This is because the facade or veneer of godlike perfection is a refutation of his own self image as the hidden inner worthless self .

By reminding him of this suppressed and denied feelings of impotent rage at a world he sees himself as never good enough for are avoided by age regression and projection viciously onto that very world a lie of invincible , all knowing , impeccable perfection in every way. An assertion of superiority that relies on continuous degradation of everyone else. Fueled by envy , it is expressed with disdain.

The hypocrisy is mirrored in the cult doctrine exquisitely : just as Hubbard pretended saintly kindness and altruism while secretly loathing , abusing and mentally enslaving people with promises of a paradise that can never be so to does the cult pretend religious righteousness and unquestionable conduct while truly being a criminal organization committing a conspiracy of fraud , broken promises and the deepest and most personal of betrayals.

This is exposed by Jeffrey Augustine and if you contrast the lies and crimes he has exposed against the cult's claims of supporting human rights and the universal declaration of human rights it becomes abundantly clear.

They now have videos proclaiming their support of the declaration and encouraging people to learn the rights therein.

But with the waivers Scientologists waive their very rights routinely . They also are called religious volunteers to waive their rights to a fair wage and healthcare in the declaration . For the introspection rundown they waive their right to be free from unlawful detainment - kidnapping. They also have no right to form a union as described in Scientology doctrine despite the declaration proclaiming that very right . With Scientology's SP doctrine the right of free association described in the declaration is also nullified .

The declaration is more a step by step guide to rights to eradicate in Scientology than anything else .

Humorously in his TV interview Hubbard was quoted as saying a suppressive person isn't someone who is critical it is someone who denies the rights of others . Hubbard denies the rights of any who enter Scientology and sees himself as above allowing rights to anyone beneath him - conveniently that is everyone else.

So he denies the rights of everyone and has it as mandatory as cult doctrine but said someone who denies the rights of others just as he does is a suppressive person . Hmm.
With the understanding of his outer facade and inner world his behavior and the cult that reflects this goes from bizarre and contradictory to simple , clear and predictable . Once you see how unlike normal people guided by humility, honesty , compassion and standards of decency Hubbard truly was it all makes sense .

 He wasn't like us . That fundamental difference is essential to his con : almost no one suspects such inhuman character .It is so alien as to seem impossible .

By showing the Scientology cult as it hides itself the dark reality can be faced , bit by ebon bit . This service is essential for recovery for many in my opinion and worthwhile for that reason whether this leads to the dreamed of goal of the cult's loss of tax exemption and subsequent criminal charges or not. And it is quite useful for education as well.

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