Hello , I am an ex Scientologist , this blog is primarily about that but I may address other topics as the mood hits me to . I was in Scientology for 25 years and spent about 10,000 hours using the indoctrination and thought reform method "study tech " . I also spent time on staff and met hundreds of Scientologists and did hundreds of the cult practices . Many were the "ethics cycles and OW writeups " that really are an attempt to suppress or remove a person's identity and replace it with a mental pseudo clone of Ron Hubbard . To make a fanatical slave for the cult .

I looked outside the cult for answers in about January 2014 and left the cult in about March of 2014 . While in about 99% of members have no idea of the truth .

We are told we are in a mental therapy or spiritual enhancement or religion or science for helping people unlock potential . Or any of several other fronts that all pretend kind and humanitarian goals .

The truth is Scientology is a terrorist mind control cult and this blog is my attempt to understand and expose that . And try to state as clearly as possible the tools that I have found helpful in dealing with this .

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Scientology's Parallel In Nature - Malignant Narcissism

Scientology's Parallel in Nature - Malignant Narcissism

This thread is intended to bring up several ideas and references for consideration and coordinate information from several sources with my own experiences in 25 years in Scientology and my subsequent hundreds of hours spent studying rhetoric , hypnosis , thought reform , critical thinking , logical fallacies , cultic studies , social psychology and abusive relationships in particular with narcissists as malignant narcissists and even the subgroup traumatic narcissists .

I want to start by sharing my views on several concepts others have put forward for consideration and then my own interpretation of this in relation to the psychology of the Liar Ron Hubbard , his emotions , ideas and behavior . And then examine how this also influences the doctrine and practices of the Scientology terrorist mind control cult .And introduce my take on how this can help one to understand the behaviors and attitudes of Scientologists quite easily.

This is NOT for the TL:DR crowd . It is for others .

I will start by saying this thread is primarily going to reference the videos on YouTube by Sam Vaknin . He has authored the book Malignant Self Love Narcissism Revisited.He has collected a tremendous wealth of information on narcissism and made several hundred videos for viewing .

Note : Sam Vaknin is problematic at best as a source due to  several reasons including allegations of having fake credentials. He also uses parts of models that contradict each other. But I think the material I have used here is accurate in that it is consistent with other concepts from other sources . I initially was not aware of all the criticism of Sam Vaknin or I wouldn't have used him as a source , but feel I should add this information in the interest of being honest .

This does not mean that he is100% right all of the time - NO ONE is . INCLUDING me .So I encourage everyone to consider my views if you choose to and then examine the evidence that supports it AND the evidence that disagrees also and decide your own opinion - and know that no matter what you do you also are not 100% right .So I reserve the right to be wrong or in error or realize this and change my mind at any time about anything FOREVER . And I suggest you do the same .Okay , got that disclaimer out of the way NOW for the thread.

First I want to reference and recommend the YouTube video

Unmasking Narcissists , Psychopaths and their Abuse with Ruth Jacobs in Cambridge , UK

I consider this an excellent interview of Sam Vaknin .

He reveals how he started his research and very basic concepts that are a great foundation for understanding certain models of narcissistic personality disorder . The model he proposes is in my opinion comprehensive and regarding Ron Hubbard is also extremely detailed and consistent with all of the doctrine Hubbard created and his behaviors , emotions and beliefs . Particularly if you accept Vaknin's concept that antisocial personality disorder AND narcissistic personality disorder can both be present in one person .

In the malignant narcissism model as the two disorders combined Hubbard is explained to an astonishingly accurate degree ( Dr Daniel Shaw has the subgroup traumatic narcissists which include cult leaders and zeroes in on Hubbard even further , and the effects his actions create even more ).Vaknin here explains many details of narcissism and malignant narcissism .He explains the theory of severe abuse or neglect or idealization as causing narcissism . In theory either way the child is caused trauma so routinely and severely they do not develop boundaries and an individual identity in a normal or healthy progression .Parents with borderline disorder or other severe disorders more often raise narcissists .The child to cope makes a false self to hide behind and the true self atrophies .The true self diminishes so much it lacks key developmental experiences and progress that others have .The false self is a facade , a fake perfect confident , invincible , all knowing superior being - but it is entirely a lie .

The narcissist has such extreme inability to face the true unhappy , self loathing self that they do not face it and through honest self reflection grow .Vaknin describes NPD as having a fractured mind . Similar but not identical to MPD .He includes the concept of the narcissist as one who changes their attachment style to avoid abandonment by lacking strong emotional bonds of trust and love and compassion as they are avoiding the deep pain of abandonment by a person they have deeply bonded with .

He explains how narcissists create the fake self in response to unbearable and extreme long term trauma and that the damage that creates narcissism is devastating . The change is longstanding and on the level of the foundation of the identity of a person . This has striking similarities to certain ideas and statements Ron Hubbard made . Several statements he made reflect the exact attitudes and feelings Hubbard expressed . Hubbard's redefinitions of affinity strongly fit the behaviors defined here .

Hubbard's pathological lying fits this perfectly .His relentless lying AND the content of his lies that aggrandize his achievements and abilities fits this model with chilling and profound consistency .His description of the idolized or golden child as treated as perfect , superior and flawless as one who responds by knowing they are truly not recognized or even perceived leads to a no win situation . If they try to adopt the true identity they cannot become this as no one is perfect . If they utterly reject the fake perfection they are discouraged and in conflict with only neglect and no proper recognition and encouragement .They adopt the fake identity as a lie to survive . In utter confusion and desperation . They hold two belief systems - the false hopes and optimism of the fake identity and the severely negative , lonely , despondent , low self-esteem, conflicted and essentially double bound undeveloped true identity . It is often so desperate and traumatized and lacking in a positive self image that no lie , no act is beneath its nonexistent dignity .

The narcissist to survive relentlessly seeks attention , rewards and "proof" of being successful , intelligent , able and noble - the very attributes the narcissist lacks and avoids the true situation regarding compulsively or obsessively by trying to "prove" they have perfectly .The narcissist has the obstacles of immense buried cognitive dissonance regarding their desires and self image prior to developing narcissism and the confusion over their trauma and adopting false beliefs to quell dissonance and by adopting them avoiding by denial and dissociation the dissonance and so find rejecting the narcissistic traits that result as unthinkable . And the lack of development of normal traits such as humility and compassion , including empathy , leaves the narcissist severely unprepared to easily correct their severe and chronic flaws that constitute a bona fide personality disorder .

It is chilling and tragic to recognize the tremendous similarities between how Vaknin's concepts precisely outline the process of the development and conditions of malignant narcissism and the progressive gradual changes a Scientologist experiences .

Hubbard developed a method of covert abuse that through his cult mirrors his own development into a traumatic narcissist . The Scientologist gains two belief systems - similar to the two selves Hubbard had . The cult member develops a very extreme double think and pathological avoidance of reality - similar to the narcissist Hubbard hiding behind and focusing on the false self and striving to make its lies true .

The cult member develops the hidden profoundly overwhelming potent cognitive dissonance hidden from the conscious mind via trance logic achieved by deep ,strong hypnotic submission to Hubbard - as Hubbard developed it as a dysfunctional coping mechanism for his idolized golden childhood . He did not understand the treatment he received and buried the truth of his inadequacy and inability to be perfect and transcend his very humanity. He hid from the contradiction between the identity he truly had and the one he was falsely attributed with in childhood . He has been reported to have been coddled and spoiled to an extreme degree by several relatives as a child .This is not love and affection and encouragement . It is being treated as a projection of the desires or fantasies or emotions of the caregiver and in truth extreme -almost absolute emotional neglect -as the child is not even seen or loved in this relationship and can sense the caregiver's love of a fantasy and lack of true acceptance . The contradiction between the fake adulation and true neglect and totalistic control create a double bind - the loving hand is truly one enslaving and denying the existence of the child ( Hubbard) and his rights .That this is covert is the source of the contradiction , confusion and double bind .

Hubbard never overcame this and fitting Dr Daniel Shaw's traumatic narcissist model Hubbard perpetuated this by covertly subjugating his victims - he did not recognize their rights or even status as deserving honesty, dignity, happiness, freedom , families, sanity or even life itself . As he was not recognized as a person he also did not see others as truly people and saw this as not just justified but as sensible , logical and emotionally rewarding to him .

This is also progressively attained as one adopts Scientology more fully .A denial of others rights is encouraged quite strongly with repetition and variation throughout basic and all Scientology doctrine . Repetition and variation are two primary methods of influence long used in hypnotism , rhetoric , indoctrination and conditioning . Virtually every school of persuasion recognizes these as valid and fundamental methods - and effective as well .

This chillingly can be seen as mirroring the idealization Hubbard is reported to have experienced as a child - he surely was told in ways that were repeated over and over of his superiority and told with varying statements and behaviors that agreed with and strengthened this lie - that became his desperately chased but never attained satisfactorily delusion . He simultaneously tried to hold it for comfort and relief and KNEW it was entirely false .

I have...uncertain feelings about him now that I know EVEN he can be seen as a victim of extreme abuse . For those that still very understandably deeply hate him and his abominable crimes and conduct it may provide some...perspective to know it is quite likely he was truly miserable and utterly alone no matter how the fake self acted or what "prizes" he "won".This to is mirrored in reports from those who progress far on the bridge and feel trapped and miserable . And those that fully dedicate their lives to Scientology and end up as slaves to the Sea Org . Sometimes begging to get to STAY at the RPF or hole SLAVE LABOR CAMPS .

Some staff and even public attain this mindset and devote their entire lives to making obvious lies from Hubbard true , with devotion via labor , indoctrination , submission to Hubbard's will and donations and abandonment and nullification of all other loyalties and obligations and even desires and goals .The conduct of the narcissist is explained by his experiences and striking radical changes from normal people - and this is paralleled in development in Scientologists and mirrored in emotions , ideas and behaviors as well .This is epitomized in Hubbard and his cult . Total totalism - the cult of cults .
And this is how and why .

To understand this more fully one can read a shelf full of books , but I understand time limits our actions . I recommend starting with Lifton's eight criteria for thought reform .A one page excellent list .

One hour of an overview on cults by one of the top cult experts of all time . He includes the very relevant concept of the cult leader (who he calls a guru)both knowing the cult doctrine is entirely fraudulent and hiding the fraud continuously AND simultaneously believing or trying to make the doctrine become true. It is an education in cults in itself that costs one hour .

And watching Sam Vaknin's YouTube video Unmasking Narcissists , Psychopaths and their Abuse with Ruth Jacobs in Cambridge , UK Time 26:14

It is a half hour investment in permanently understanding narcissists and Hubbard and Scientology .

And to round this out I recommend watching Dr Daniel Shaw's video Trauma Conference 2 from ICSA .

Shaw specialized in studying cult leaders and the trauma they experience and inflict and the effects this creates . It shows the leader and cult member in their relationship over time and generations .

For further reading to more seriously pursue this I recommend reading Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of "Brainwashing" in China by Robert Jay Lifton, A book Hubbard reportedly read along with 1984 for a blueprint on HOW to build a cult .

And Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation by Daniel Shaw , it goes into great detail regarding the method of becoming a cult leader or member , and True Believer by Eric Hoffer ,which has excellent descriptions of how mass movements function .

I was trying to think of the best possible visual reference to show the outer facade of a perfect godlike fake identity and the true inner atrophied , abandoned , worthless, utterly abominable , pathological liar , morally corrupt , entirely lacking in both humility and compassion inner true self and was thinking of a beautiful castle and on the inside a dark corner in wreckage behind the facade is a broken , hiding , confused , desperate insane wounded child .
I realized Scientology actually manifests this literally physically now . The ideal org program is exactly a perfect representation of this.
Beautiful facades that lie empty and lifeless with a few desperate deluded slaves trying to will the magical thinking in Scientology into reality .

These orgs look good when you have the grand opening and ship in public and staff and Sea Org members by the thousands to make a show of productivity and growth . The orgs rapidly lose the people sent in for this - within weeks . The Sea Org command teams fail to make the fraud work and then get taken out and replaced . They often get a trip to the RPF .The new command team fails and the pattern repeats . Eventually the focus is taken off an org and the command teams stop coming and the local staff are told to make it work on their own . They fail and then you may have an empty large good looking building with a few dozen staff and fewer public coming in . The staff get no pay or quite close and are constantly recruiting to put up an appearance of activity and growth . Working eighty to one hundred and twenty hours or more is routine for staff and some Sea Org members work even more . Getting three or four hours sleep a day for years at a time with zero days off including weekends and holidays is routine for Sea Org members. And getting no pay for months is as well .

The staff are abused and lied to and the Sea Org members usually have the very worst of it . The worst in the Sea Org is the RPF and it peaks at the RPF's RPF and hole . So , that is the basis of Ron Hubbard's mind - a false perfect lie , a beautiful impregnable paradise of a castle with inside a true wretched confused , abused , alone , hate filled ,immature , belligerent , petulant child that never grows up . It is like his counterfeit dreams he sells , like the identity a Scientologist transforms into over time , like the fake perfect orgs his cult builds to hide the rotten inner core of Scientology .
They ALL are projections of the mind of Ron Hubbard to change reality to match his dark desires and flee his hidden inner fears . They all rely on magical thinking and all fail . Scientology is a game everyone loses at .

I hope this is of use to some folks .

That is the true story of Scientology .

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