I am calling it .

This day is going to be remembered by exes and critics forever .

With Going Clear and the scathing Neurotology video on Saturday Night Live the cult is exposed to the world as a bona fide criminal organization . The video shows how almost everyone who gets deep into Scientology and especially the Sea Org exec structure gets to go to the RPF or sued to death or fair gamed or hides in terror or overboarded or..well WE all know .

Now the regular everyday folks will ALL know the cult is a criminal group that ALWAYS abuses and exploits and imprisons its members .

No more recruiting anyone new . You will have trouble getting even a half a percent of half a percent to join . The remaining members will have a mass exodus .

How do I know ? Because I look at Scientology as what it is - A CULT .

Other cults have been seen as going in trends by sociologists . The KKK and Aum Shinrikyo ( the Japanese cult that did the subway attacks ) both have followed a pattern of hiding their criminal nature and growing almost unchecked for a time then getting massive exposure for crimes - murders in both cases - and suffered huge shrinkage .

They have suffered losses of up to 70 -90% of membership after the public learns of their crimes . They have members with less than total commitment who leave rather than be completely ostracized and face prison or execution . And they have members who leave to save their own lives . They have members who realize they are in fact doing evil and are disgusted .

Thanks to Twitter and Facebook and Youtube and other media there is no going back . No Tommy Davis can call a reporter a bigot to fool anybody .

No more calling people bitter defrocked apostates to discredit them . You cannot discredit the entire media and thousands of exes and critics all at once .

No more scaring ANYONE out of doing a critical story - it is now accepted reality that Scientology abuses and exploits and commits crimes routinely .

No libel , no slander . Game over.

Now the question is will a senator or congressman demand hearings ? Will the IRS nut up and finish the job it abandoned years ago ? The FDA ? FBI ?

A combination of groups ? Will there be new protests and rallies demanding government inquiry ?

The fate is certain . Now the details and how long the death throes are is the question .

I want it to end quickly .

And tomorrow I want to lend whatever help I can to those who are dumped out into a reality they are not ready for .

But to me today is the day the cult died .