Hello , I am an ex Scientologist , this blog is primarily about that but I may address other topics as the mood hits me to . I was in Scientology for 25 years and spent about 10,000 hours using the indoctrination and thought reform method "study tech " . I also spent time on staff and met hundreds of Scientologists and did hundreds of the cult practices . Many were the "ethics cycles and OW writeups " that really are an attempt to suppress or remove a person's identity and replace it with a mental pseudo clone of Ron Hubbard . To make a fanatical slave for the cult .

I looked outside the cult for answers in about January 2014 and left the cult in about March of 2014 . While in about 99% of members have no idea of the truth .

We are told we are in a mental therapy or spiritual enhancement or religion or science for helping people unlock potential . Or any of several other fronts that all pretend kind and humanitarian goals .

The truth is Scientology is a terrorist mind control cult and this blog is my attempt to understand and expose that . And try to state as clearly as possible the tools that I have found helpful in dealing with this .

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cult Of Scientology Malfeasance!

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Cult of Scientology malfeasance!? I could spend the rest of my life talking about that !!!
I made the mistake of asking for the cult's crimes on ESMB about four months ago and got buried !!!

Almost every damned day I hear of or from a parent who is disconnected from a child or had to bury one because of the cult !!

It is a combination of infuriating and dissonant to see the depth of the evil AND the routine and usual "standard" way it is carried out . The institutional evil feels like it transcends what one can witness and still have a naive hope that people are automatically - with very few exceptions - good .

This is one of the hardest , darkest things for a Scientologist or ex to face - WE supported and to some degree participated in this . In a totalistic cult abuse is routine . In fact without the abuse it would not be a cult .

The abusive relationship makes the environment and actions that demand and achieve totalism . For a person or group to gain total or near total control over victims decision making needs this critical component.

Without this a groups' doctrine is not going to create that result .
Facing this can be overwhelming as it brings many things home all at once . First it completely negates the false claims for "workability" or any benefit from Dianetics and Scientology as Ron Hubbard is exposed as just another abuser and conman and malignant or traumatic narcissist who was a sociopath and cult leader , like so many others before him .

That alone is devastating . And it brings right out for all to see the fact that the cult member at the very very least was fooled and must reevaluate the majority of their beliefs . They lose the claims to wisdom and noble character and enlightenment that they had . They now know many acts and words were wrong and some may have been outright evil and harmful .

They may have disconnected from innocent people and even betrayed family and loved ones .Some committed bona fide crimes and some abused others while in the cult .
This factors into how hard it is to face that you have been living a lie - sometimes for decades .

I am sure to some ALL long term Scientologists are irrevocably evil or even damned .
I do not feel that way at all , but accept that judgment will be laid on me by some .
That is the exit cost for a Scientologist . A harsh reality of perhaps while thinking you are saving the world finding out you may have done more evil in Scientology than all of the good you may accomplish in your life after Scientology .

Facing the magnitude of evil in the group challenges your faith in humanity ; facing the evil you surely contributed to tests your honesty with yourself .

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