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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Cult of Trump 4 Reason and Resistance

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This is the fourth installment in the series the Cult of Trump. The posts are intended to be read in order.

There are people that are saying we need to be calm, passive and let President Trump have a chance to be president before judging him.

I think that is as wrong as you can possibly be.

I keep going back to key moments in Trump's presidential campaign.

When he was asked about two of his supporters that ruthlessly beat a homeless man and he responded by saying they are passionate. That's a good moment at revealing his character. He has extreme sociopathic tendencies. That's been shown time and again. When he called for the good old days when a protester would be taken out of here on a stretcher.

When he called for torture in the form of bringing back waterboarding and a lot worse. When he said we should kill the family members of terrorists. When he said we have to punish women for getting abortions. When he said that he would put Hillary Clinton in prison. When he said Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama are the founders of ISIS. When he said we have to do racial and religious profiling and monitor Mosques. When he heard of the white supremacists threatening a Jewish reporter with rape, murder and sent photos of her in a concentration camp and he said I have nothing to say. It spoke volumes.

Get this straight as a reality and not a possibility. Trump has no compassion or empathy for human beings. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

He could have realized that violence was being inspired by his words and completely rebuked it very early in his campaign. He could've spoken about Mexican immigrants and black folks and poor people and Muslims in very different terms but NEVER changed his rhetoric. No actions by white supremacists or his supporters have discouraged him in the slightest degree.

He has to be taken as an existential threat to millions of Americans and citizens of the world. He is that dangerous and proven it over and over.

He joked about not killing the press. He acted like the press should be sued even if it required removing the first amendment to US constitution.

He has no loyalty to any religion or group. The white supremacists don't get this as he will cater to them one day and meet with Jewish Americans another day. He has no contradictions because he is conning and using everyone that he can.

But now that he has won the election he sees many, many people as expendable and they are in danger of being discarded.

The tendency to think life is fair, America has checks and balances, this too shall pass, and somehow Trump must be happy he won and care about the country or his legacy and therefore will be reasonable is entirely a denial of reality.

The press that had ridiculed Trump as a fool, narcissist, pathological liar and racist suddenly was stunned when he won. They said he MUST be a bearable president BECAUSE he won.

That's a pure fallacy. A president doesn't have to be sane, decent or reasonable. He is just a president.

The press has members that are having cognitive distortions. They believe in the democratic process and that the United States is a good country that must have a good leader and policies that progress for the American people.

It's pure wishful thinking. But people get used to it. Imagine you are a reporter or host in the media and make between a quarter million and ten million dollars a year on CNN, MSNBC, NBC or another major network. You think you worked hard and deserve the wealth and game you have.

You think America is pretty good and might think it needs a little improvement if exceedingly liberal or may think it's just fine if moderately liberal or think it needs some tweaking if conservative, but overall think it's pretty good since it's rewarded you personally in a way that seems acceptable.

The press has members on TV that are millionaires and frankly that makes understanding that life is inherently unfair and no good force is watching over us quite difficult. They just don't get what life is like for middle class and certainly poor people. And vulnerable people like the disabled, minorities, gay people and many others. Even gay and minority TV hosts have had a degree of security most people don't have due to their wealth and tendency to stay in more liberal cities.

They underestimated Trump as a candidate but more importantly they underestimated him as a threat. If you don't understand narcissists and sociopaths as fundamentally different from normal human beings then you can't and won't ever understand Donald Trump.

Trump has had thousands and thousands and thousands of people protest his election. For several days since the election in New York city and Los Angeles ten thousand or so protesters have come out each day. Thousands of students walked out the day after the election. A march on Washington is planned for the inauguration day and possibly a million or several million people will protest the election.

Trump at first called the protesters paid professionals and said it was unfair. He or an advisor later communicated that there were small groups of protesters, which is an outright lie.

He reportedly has said he won't cancel the ACA, may not deport eleven million people and might not undo the Iran deal President Barack Obama negotiated. He has also given signs several other promised abuses and oppressive policies won't be fulfilled or will be extremely moderated.

The obvious interpretation of that is that Trump wants to calm the protesters and get them to disperse and wait passively for his inauguration.

He doesn't want people to protect and get united and connected and build loyalty to each other for several months before he seizes power.

If gay people and black people and Latinos and immigrants and Muslims and women get solidarity with each other they together will be too much even for a president to abuse and oppress at will. He can't govern a country if he doesn't have a country left to govern.

If ten or twenty million people unite and march and refuse to accept his rule then he is done. He can't get the military to blindly kill twenty million Americans and expect the country to survive. The military is known for being extraordinarily obedient but would they kill their countrymen and their own relatives and neighbors ?

I think it's highly unlikely. At some point the rest of the political class will realize they have to stop Trump because they can't kill everyone else.

Some would be opportunistic and thinking of keeping power or saving their own skins. I frankly don't care if they want power or have sincere concerns.

If they stop the threat from Trump and don't become tyrants themselves I am perfectly happy either way.

I don't want people to get pacified by anything Trump says now. He's unsuitable for president and that won't change. He's a threat to millions and millions of the most vulnerable Americans and doesn't care a bit about them.

We should organize and protest and most of all unite as one no matter what he says or does. That way we might have a chance. Any other way and we live and die at Trump's mercy. Last time I checked he had none.

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