Hello , I am an ex Scientologist , this blog is primarily about that but I may address other topics as the mood hits me to . I was in Scientology for 25 years and spent about 10,000 hours using the indoctrination and thought reform method "study tech " . I also spent time on staff and met hundreds of Scientologists and did hundreds of the cult practices . Many were the "ethics cycles and OW writeups " that really are an attempt to suppress or remove a person's identity and replace it with a mental pseudo clone of Ron Hubbard . To make a fanatical slave for the cult .

I looked outside the cult for answers in about January 2014 and left the cult in about March of 2014 . While in about 99% of members have no idea of the truth .

We are told we are in a mental therapy or spiritual enhancement or religion or science for helping people unlock potential . Or any of several other fronts that all pretend kind and humanitarian goals .

The truth is Scientology is a terrorist mind control cult and this blog is my attempt to understand and expose that . And try to state as clearly as possible the tools that I have found helpful in dealing with this .

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ron Hubbard On Psychology

I feel the contradictory statements Ron Hubbard has made on psychology are very relevant to showing how dishonest he has been with Scientologist through the entire time Dianetics and Scientology have existed.

Below is a letter he sent in 1955 claiming to a psychologist. This letter was found by researcher R.M. Seibert at the Underground Bunker today by Tony Ortega.
L. Ron Hubbard, D.D. Ph.D.
1826 F. St. NW
Washington, D.C.
Sept. 6, 1955
County Attorney,
Phoenix, Arizona
My dear Sir;
You have expressed a desire to “get to the bottom of Scientology and Hubbard.” May I suggest that you write a letter to me, setting forth the various things you want to know.
May I also direct your attention to your public library where in “Who’s Who in the East” and “Who Knows and What”, the standard American reference of technical experts, you will find my background. You might also write the U.S. Navy in which I served as an officer throughout the war. The books will inform you that I am a writer, a scientist, and a psychologist and the Navy will inform you of an honorable record, an American record.
As for Scientology I invite your attention to the library or to whatever books you may have to hand.
Now in your turn I would like some information. I would like to know who complained to you about the various organizations and myself and exactly what was said to you to cause you to take the course and action which you did. If you do not care to give me this information, please give it to the F.B.I. when they request it. It would assist me considerably if you would be very specific as we are having for the moment a small amount of trouble running down the exact instigators of the lies and defamations which were spread in Phoenix. We are engaged at the moment in collecting enough funds to continue this matter as long as is necessary to discover why the only entirely American development in the field of the mind should be so attacked.
May I request that you dismiss the charges against Mr. Edd Clark and cooperate with us in following up this situation. It may interest you that in five years of Dianetics and Scientology in every quarter of the world there has never been a similar charge or arrest of any of thousands upon thousands of practitioners and that having been suffered and condoned for many years by any and all authorities and even healing interests and having for a very long time existed in Arizona that the practice of Scientology has become by this face acceptable.
May I also have your cooperation in discovering and naming the persons who sent individuals with pre-Scientology records of insanity into the area to harass us and in naming the persons who offered the bribes in return for evidence or complaints against Scientology and its organizations. The huge sums of money must have had an important source.
In that Mr. Edd Clark did not contravene any law of the State of Arizona, may we have your assistance in locating rather larger game, much more interesting to the Federal government than Mr. Clark.
L. Ron Hubbard

Just twenty four days later Hubbard wrote the following that is consistent with his attitude against conventional mental health including psychiatry and psychology. At least the attitude he showed Scientologists within the cult.
Below is a quote by Ron Hubbard.
Nearly all the backlash in society against Dianetics and Scientology has a common source — the psychiatrist-​psychologist-​psychoanalyst clique … I could tell you about three actual murders. I could tell you about long strings of psychotics run in on the Foundation and the Association, sent in to us by psychiatrists who then, using LSD and pain-​drug-​hypnosis, spun them and told everyone Dianetics and Scientology drove people insane … The public utterly LOATHES psychiatry. You waste time if you try to defame psychiatry to the public … Psychiatry stands in the public mind for ineffectiveness, lies and inhuman brutality.
— from Professional Auditor’s Bulletin no. 62, “Psychiatrists”, 30 September 1955 Ron Hubbard

His true inner feelings are most likely best expressed in his most private communications - the affirmations. For anyone unfamiliar affirmations are statements one repeats back to oneself over and over to use self-hypnosis to implant one's own mind. Hubbard studied hypnotism extensively and knew quite well that affirmations are designed to alter minds.

Here a few excerpts that focus on Hubbard's attitudes regarding both psychology and hypnosis. I think this bears serious examination and consideration by every Scientologist, ex-Scientologist and person investigating Hubbard or Scientology.

Your psychology is advanced and true and wonderful. It hypnotizes people. It predicts their emotions, for you are their ruler

The desires of other people have no hypnotic effect upon you. 

Your psychology is good. You worked to darken your own children. This failure, with them, was only apparent. The evident lack of effectiveness was "ordered." The same psychology works perfectly on everyone else. You use it with great confidence. 

By eliminating certain fears by hypnosis, curing my rheumatism and laying off hormones, I hope to restore my former libido. I must! By hypnosis I must be convinced as follows: 

That I am not credulous or absorbent of other people's opinions. 

That this hypnosis will not fade, but will increase in power as time advances. 

Material things are yours for the asking. Men are your slaves. Elemental spirits are your slaves. You are power among powers, light in the darkness, beauty in all. 

No matter what lies you may tell others they have no physical effect on you of any kind. 

You can remember a thing without accepting it as truth. You accept as truth only those things which you yourself believe after you consciously examine them. You accept all I say here as absolute fact however. You will reverance and believe everything here, consciously and forever. These words sink into your whole being. They remake your entire life. They are your code, belief, your guiding star. 

You can tell all the romantic tales you wish. You will remember them, you do remember them. But you know which ones were lies. 

You understand all the workings of the minds of humans around you, for you are a doctor of minds, bodies and influences. 

You have no mental flaws which hinder you. You have nothing which hinders you. Everything helps you. You are crown prince of your portion of the universe. Everything does your bidding perfectly. All elementals and other dimensional things obey you with eagerness. All things love you and their love makes you strong. You are strong. You love with great force all things and your will controls them. You may use force and your will with utter impunity for all things obey.

No other human being can hypnotize you in any way. You can believe or disbelieve whatever you read at will. You cannot be hypnotized by any but yourself. 

 Your mother's theories on psychology were wrong. They do not now affect you. 
The opinions of your aunts and uncles are worthless. You are kind to them. They mean nothing to you. 

There is psychic will power, possessed by a very few. You possess such will power and it is enormously strong and irresistible. You work it consciously. Those things you consciously state that you will come to be.

Your mind is not material. It does not react like any human mind. Whatever is fed to your mind can be sorted out. You can forget at will. Men's facts fed to you need not affect your thought if they are a part of the lives and mores and morals of men. Your thought processes do not warp on facts which are fed to you. You can receive sense messages and remember them but you need not add them into your own thought processes. 

You use the minds of men. They do not use your mind or affect it in any way. You have a sacred spiritual mind, too strong, too high to be touched. Your league with Higher Beings, your mighty Guardian and the All Powerful, renders you beyond all human criticism.

You have never done wrong and need never apologize to anyone. 

All of the above quotes are from the Affirmations of Ron Hubbard.

A psychiatric view with comments on the Admissions by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1947)

I feel that together they show Hubbard's belief in influence and that hypnosis and psychology can strongly affect and even control them. He was afraid of being influenced but wanted to covertly influence others. He wanted total certainty in himself with the ability to use methods of covert persuasion on others but to also create immunity to the same methods for himself. 

He was absolutely comfortable lying to others but wanted to suffer no effects from lies, whether his own or other people's. To be clear to Scientologists and exes he was ALWAYS lying to us and trying to control us. He never found anything even remotely beneficial or true, and certainly not the "workable technology" he claimed. He was quite fond of psychology and hypnotism and used them while pretending to despise them.

I highly recommend that anyone affected by or interested in this study the affirmations and the subjects of hypnosis and psychology to some degree to understand what Hubbard actually did and how he attempted to do it. 

The following posts are intended to be a starting point for looking at how Hubbard intended to control others.

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